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Students' behaviour to be congratulated

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We recently received this lovely message about our SHHS students from a member of the public:

"In the last couple of weeks I've had the privilege to witness the conduct of your students on the bus into Wollongong.  Specifically, the 90 bus route, at around 8am. 

I don't catch the bus all that often, but I have been on the bus twice in the space of a fortnight, and both times, each and every student that alighted from the bus on Keira Street said thank you to the bus driver.  Not just a 'hurumph' sound as they exited, but a 'look you in the eye and say it clearly' type of thank you. 

All the students were in separate friend groups, so it wasn't just one group over another.  It was literally every single student. 

So often people complain about students, so I thought it might be nice for you, and for them, to hear that someone appreciates their behaviour, and says 'well done'. "