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BOS Online Account Activation

 Information regarding the Students Online account activation process to obtain RoSA


A method has been developed to enable Year 10 students to activate their Students Online secure account – without the need for PIN letters.

The method requires that the school has supplied the Board with the student's email address

through Schools Online.

Once students have activated their account, they will need both their Student Number and their PIN for each subsequent log-in to Students Online.

Summary of the Students Online account activation process

Students wishing to activate their secure Students Online account should go Students Online at: and click on the Year 10 students ‘activate your account now' link.

You can also find it @board of - follow the HSC RoSA links

- Remember it uses the exact name on the BOS Sheet and your recorded Date of Birth.

- Record your BOS number in (and new PIN) in your student diary.

Students will then enter their:

• school name (selected from a dropdown list of all secondary schools)

• given name(s) – as supplied by the school

• last name

• date of birth

and answer a security question of their choice that may be used in a future PIN recovery.

When this information finds a match on the Board's database, students are shown a screen displaying their Student number (which they will need to retain and keep safe by writing down, copying and pasting or emailing to themselves). Students are also sent an email to their school supplied email account with a link to a log-in page where they enter their Student number and can create their own 6-digit PIN.

At this stage students have successfully created their account, and should be able to see a list of their personal details as well as the courses they are studying and, when available their Year 10 results. As these students are enrolled in and complete Preliminary and HSC courses, Students Online will also list students' Preliminary and HSC courses and, when finalised, their results.


Note that if the students are unsuccessful in their initial attempt to activate their account they are encouraged to check their details and try again. Some advice, particularly about the ‘given name(s)' field is provided, as schools may have supplied only the first name or all given names.

If all attempts to activate an account are unsuccessful, the student is advised to contact their school to check how their details, particularly ‘given name(s)' and email address, are recorded. In addition some Board contact details, Frequently Asked Questions and a Help page are provided, plus a section to advise students who have lost or forgotten their PIN