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Wellbeing of students and staff at Smith's Hill High School is reflected in the statement of purpose

Enriching lives and learning through:

  • developing an atmosphere in which individual and co-operative endeavours are acknowledged and valued
  • recognising and respecting individual differences and valuing opinions of others
  • providing a safe and supportive environment in which students develop positive self-esteem, pride in themselves, integrity and self discipline
  • providing opportunities for students to demonstrate compassion for and understanding of others in the school and the wider community
  • developing a positive, harmonious and rewarding learning environment which challenges and extends our students and the wider school community

Smith's Hill High School aims to fulfil the goals set for student welfare in government schools which:

  • encompasses everything the school community does to meet the personal, social and learning needs of students
  • creates a safe, caring school environment in which students are nurtured as they learn
  • is achieved through the total school curriculum and the way it is delivered
  • incorporates effective discipline
  • incorporates preventive health and social skills programs
  • stresses the value of collaborative early intervention when problems are identified
  • provides ongoing educational services to support students
  • recognizes the diversity within the school community and provides programs and support which acknowledge difference and promote harmony
  • recognizes the role that the school plays as a resource to link families with community support services
  • provides opportunities for students to:
  • enjoy success and recognition
  • make a useful contribution to the life of the school
  • derive enjoyment from their learning.

How do we care?

Year 7

  • Year 7 Orientation supported by peer support students in Year 10
  • Term one "Getting to Know You" camp
  • Parent and Teacher afternoon
  • SenseAbility - resilience training
  • Learning to learn - how to make the most of learning styles and using study skills

Year 8

  • Overnight camp

Year 9

  • Overnight camp

Year 10

  • Bush School - Mandatory Geography camp
  • First Aid training

Year 11

  • Crossroads- Mandatory Health and Personal Development program
  • Mentoring by SHHS staff
  • Disability Provisions

Year 12

  • Mentoring by SHHS staff
  • Disability Provisions
  • Pathways - accumulating the HSC

Some whole school programs:

  • Boys Education Monitoring Program
  • Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Hikes
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Learning Support Team – special needs assistance
  • Study Skills - provision of a school diary/organiser
  • Weekly monitoring of all students Years 7 -12 identifies students requiring special attention
  • Excursions which extend classroom learning and curriculum relevance
  • Senior mentoring - voluntary help seeking with academic, study and stress coping strategies
  • Peer tutoring
  • Peer mentoring- Circle of Friends
  • Values promotion - School Captains and Vice captains
  • Immunisation for (variously) Hepatitis, Meningococcal, Cervical cancer, Mumps, Diphtheria and Tetanus
  • Smith's Hill High School also provides opportunities for students to engage in religious education through elective Religious Studies and student based groups such as 'Fellowship in Smith's Hill' (F.I.S.H)
  • SRC - Student Representative Council
  • Year group meetings
  • Year group charity partnerships and human rights associations