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Our Library


Libraries are an essential resource within NSW public schools to support teaching and learning in the context of syllabus and curriculum requirements. Our library provides students and teachers with resources to support curriculum-related teaching and learning, and students with resources for self-directed learning and recreational reading.

Our teacher librarian, Mr Jones, collaborates with students and teachers to support the development of information literacy skills including the research process, accessing and evaluating information, the development of cognitive and metacognitive thinking skills and dispositions. The development and support of the independent reading habits of our whole school community is also of vital importance for academic success and wellbeing.

We have begun a process of refurbishing our library to better support student and teacher utilisation of the space as a social and learning environment. This has been funded in part through the generous support of our community. The following images show the transformation of the library to a bright and welcoming space for individuals and small to large groups.  

Library Website

Our school library website supports students and teachers with resources for the development of thinking and learning skills and dispositions, and recreational reading. This website is accessible to parents and carers as well.

The library website includes support material in the following areas:

·         Research (Internet Search Strategies, Databases, Questioning, Evaluating Media Bias, Academic Integrity, Referencing, and Copyright)

·         Study Skills (Goal Setting, Study Planners, Study & Exam Preparation, Exam Anxiety, Exam & Assessment Feedback, and Self-Advocacy)

·         Reading (Why Read, Grow Your Reading, eBooks and Audiobooks, Wellness Collection, and Podcasts)

The library website is regularly being updated with new resources and tools that are specifically designed to help our students grow academically, socially and emotionally.  


Our library has a large collection of resources available for student loans. Collections include fiction, graphic novels and manga, picture books, short stories, biographies, non-fiction and study guides. Students regularly have opportunities to suggest books to be purchased for our collection; this ensures our collection supports the diverse interests of our students and their reading habits.

In addition to printed books, we provide access to high quality eBooks and audiobooks that are available 24/7 from any connected device; to learn more about our eBooks and audiobooks click here.

Reading for Academic Success and Wellbeing

For many of our students, independent reading for leisure is like breathing; it just seems to happen naturally, and it sustains them. For other students the pressures of academic life, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, plus after school activities, can all lead to independent reading for leisure being a fading memory. There is a wealth of good quality research internationally that demonstrates that students independently reading for leisure directly supports their academic growth and achievement, but also supports their emotional wellbeing. The development and maintenance of independent reading as a teenager is also incredibly important for lifelong success academically, in careers, and socially for friendships and relationships. If you need convincing of this, or just further inspiration click here.

“One of the greatest benefits of being a reader was a better understanding of other people’s feelings compared to non-readers” (Prof Josie Billington The Untold Power of the Book, University of Liverpool, Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society, 2015).

“Reading books is the only out-of-school activity for 16-year-olds that is linked to getting a managerial or professional job in later life.” (Mark Taylor, University of Oxford, May 9 2011). Reading at 16 linked to better job prospects; ScienceDaily. 

Library Opening Hours

The library is open from 8.00am until 2.45pm, including recess and lunch.   


Photocopying and printing facilities are available for students at a cost of 10 cents per sheet for black and white and 50 cents per sheet for colour.

There are study rooms available for students to use for study groups.  Please see Mr Jones to organise.

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