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For Sport enquiries, please contact the following:

Representative and knockouts - Lisa Gass:

Carnivals - Matthew James:

Recreational (Thursday morning sport) - Michelle Royle:

Representative Sports

For students wanting to pursue school sport representative pathways, it is important that they go through the correct channels at Smith's Hill High School to do so.  Students trialing for representative sports are competing against YEAR 12 students for places on South Coast Teams. Neither Year 7 nor Year 8 students are permitted to apply (unless they are an Australian Representative); the only team this does not apply to is AFL, which is U15's.

You can find information on the following links:

South Coast Regional Sport 

NSWCHS Sport Calendar:

When researching specific information on these calendars:

1. Choose the sport and education level (secondary);

2. click on the trial date;

3. click on 'view full event information';

4. read the overview to see if this is something that you can attend and that a parent/guardian can transport you to the trial; and

5. scroll down and click on additional information and open the nomination form. Read all information. DO NOT print this off - Mrs Gass will have this printed off at school. However, please take note of when the nomination form needs to be submitted by. These dates are very strict.

* A weekly Friday email will go out to every student detailing what sport nominations are due the following week. It is important that students are reading these emails.

*Nominations will be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (NOT ON MONDAYS, Mrs Gass does NOT work on Mondays). Please do NOT go to the PDHPE staff room on a Monday asking to put your name down on the nomination forms.

1. When you receive a consent form for a sport trial you will need to get all the information filled out at home first.

2. Hand the form in at the student office in A Block.

3. When the form is returned to you from student services, find Mrs Gass and requiest the form be scanned.


Knockout Sport

SHHS provides opportunities for students to be part of Knockout Sport. Information for this will be announced at assemblies and emailed to students' inboxes throughout the year when the knockout sport is occurring. If the school team progresses, students may need to travel to venues which are hours away. This can be quite expensive and requires parent support.


SHHS participates in three carnivals:

1.    Swimming

2.    Cross Country

3.    Athletics

Our Carnival dates are on the school calendar

Recreational Sport Years 7-10 Thursday Mornings

Information regarding Thursday morning sport will be emailed to students from Mrs Michelle Royle. Thursday sport is compulsory and part of the 150min, which every public school provides for students to be physically active. It is an opportunity for students to be with their friends and enjoy connection through recreational activities.