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Thursday Morning Sport Safety and Hygiene Guidelines

Safety and Hygiene: The following hygiene measures will continue to apply to all sport and physical activities in schools regardless of the phase, including once full sporting participation returns:
  • Practise good hygiene.
    • Staff and students are required to wash their hands prior to and at the conclusion of sport and physical activities. Encourage hand hygiene practices at regular intervals as required.
    • Maintain respiratory hygiene whilst participating in sport and physical activity, encouraging coughs or sneezes to be covered and tissues to be disposed of immediately. Always wash your hands after having coughed, sneezed or blown your nose.
    • Discourage spitting or clearing of nasal or respiratory secretions at all times. No shining of a cricket ball with sweat/salvia.
  • Do not train if unwell. Students are expected to stay away from school or be collected by a parent/carer should they become unwell during the day. Students should not be participating in sport if they are unwell.
  • Do not share items such as drink bottles or towels. Students should provide their own personal items such as water bottles, towels, clothing, mouthguards, etc as required for competitive sporting activities.
  • Implement cleaning protocols. All sport and physical activity equipment (including shared equipment and clothing such as school sporting singlets and bibs) must be cleaned at the end of each session. Equipment that cannot be cleaned after each use should not be shared.
  • Environment cleaning. Standard daily cleans as well as the cleaning of high touch areas should occur within sporting facilities.
  • Apply standard precautions for infection control. Staff should continue to adhere to the Infection Control requirements outlined in the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity and First Aid procedures. Protocols for spills of blood and other bodily substances must be followed where any clothing, equipment and surfaces are contaminated by bodily fluid such as blood following a player injury.
  • Avoid shaking hands. Students should not shake opposition hands at the conclusion of a sport activity.
  • Sanitise hands as they get on to the bus and as they get onto the bus at the conclusion
  • Sanitise the ball before the game begins and at intervals during sport.
  • Tags / bibs will be cleaned after each use
  • When travelling on a bus – make sure each child has a seat and the teacher supervising has a seat to themselves.
  • Do not congregate as a mass group. Go straight to the fields you will be playing on.
  • Adhere to the guidelines of the number of players on the field.
  • Accurate rolls must be kept. Please mark an electronic roll before leaving the school grounds.
  • Each staff member to have a supply of hand sanitiser and cleaning products on them at all times throughout sport.
  • NO spectators allowed at any of the venues.
  • Encourage students to use toilet amenities before they leave school the school grounds.
  • All teaching staff are to follow the social distancing requirements of 1.5m.