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Student wellbeing at Smith's Hill High School

The wellbeing of Smith’s Hill students is one of our highest priorities.

High school can be a stressful time for students of all ages, because of this, it is crucial that your child has an understanding of mental health and how to support other students or themselves.

Some common issues at school include

  • feelings of sadness, being overwhelmed, or irritable
  • fatigue and/or insomnia
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • withdrawing from social relationships
  • losing interest in hobbies
  • lack of concentration
  • appearing tense

Note that this is not a complete list, you can go to,, or to find out more.

School Counsellors

The school counsellors are at school every day to support students. The counsellor’s office can be found in upstairs A block, on the westernmost side of the hall with A13 and staff common room.

A student can book a counsellor’s appointment by one of the following methods:

1.  Send an email (preferred method)

The school counsellors, Chloe Bishop (, Paula Johnson ( and Vivienne McGrath ( , can be emailed to organise a meeting.

2.  Knock on the door. 

Your child is allowed to go the counsellor's office during recess or lunch and ask if the counsellor can talk with them without an appointment. 

3.  Talk to a trusted friend or teacher.

If your child is concerned about being seen, a friend or teacher can fill out a form, hand it in for them, and/or otherwise set up a meeting with the counsellors.

More information about the school counselling service can be found here.

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