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Communication to parents and carers

Below are the forms of communication we use at Smith's Hill High School:


First preference for non-urgent communication with parents.

Hard copy notes

Sent home with students for every variation of routine (VOR). VORs are completed for every excursion, incursion and any change to regular timetabled classes.

School website

A copy of all VOR information and permission notes will be published on the school website.


Secondary form of communication to parents. It will be used in conjunction with emails as an additional form of communication ex. late bus from excursion, late-notice cancellation of events due to unforseen circumstances and reminders.

Informal communication of student activities and events can be found here.


Will be used for urgent communication, all other non-urgent communication from the school will be by email within a 24 hour period.

Sentral Parent Portal

Parents can view and download academic reports, explain student absences within 7 days of occurence and book Parent/teacher interviews. It will not be used for messaging.

School Newsletter

Emailed to parents fortnightly and available to read on the school website in the 'Latest News' section. Information and the reporting of recent and upcoming events can be found here.