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Years 8 - 11

Smith's Hill High School Years 8-11 Application and Enrolment Process

Students currently in Years 7-10 2024:
Applications Close:
Monday 29 July
Testing Date: Thursday 8 August

Download Years 8-11 entry to selective high schools application form here

Note: Applications outside Smith's Hill High School's advertised testing dates may be considered by the selection panel on a case-by-case basis.

Students seeking a place at Smith's Hill High School after Semester 1 in Year 7 make an application directly to the school. Each selective school administers its own application and selection processes for Years 8 - 11.  Further information is also available from the NSW Department of Education Selective High Schools and Opportunity Classes site.

The Department of Education mandates the maximum number of students in each year from Year 7 to Year 10. Vacancies arise only if a student leaves the school. In the transition from Year 10 into Year 11 the school is generally able to offer a number of additional places. The actual number of offers for Year 11 will be limited by the availability of places in particular subjects.

The selection of students eligible for enrolment is based on academic merit - students are competing academically for a place on an eligibility list for enrolment in the school. As a guide, students should be at or near the top of their current school cohort in a number of subjects and significantly above average (top 10-12%) in performance against state or national age cohorts.

In order for the school to make a balanced assessment of each application, a range of academic information as supporting evidence should be included with the application. Examples of relevant academic information that should be included:

  • the two most recent school reports;
  • NAPLAN results (Year 5 & Year 7 or Year 7 & Year 9);
  • results from any national competitions in which the student has participated; or
  • any other information that provides evidence of academic merit. 

Applications should include:

  • copies only of original documents; and
  • a current email address, as this is our preferred method of correspondence.

Applications can be emailed to the school or can be submitted by mail as hard copies to:

Enrolment Applications
Smith's Hill High School
PO Box 780
Wollongong NSW 2520

The selection process

1. Assessment of academic information 

A school selection panel assesses the academic information provided.

If the panel believes the information indicates the student is

  • likely to meet entry benchmarks - parents are contacted by email to invite the student to take the eligibility test;
  • unlikely to meet entry benchmarks - parents are contacted by email to notify them that the application has not been successful and the student has not been invited to take the eligibility test. In this situation parents, who would nevertheless like their son/daughter to have the opportunity to take the eligibility test, can request for them to do so.

2. Eligibility test

The test is made up of four separate assessment tasks conducted online at the school. These assessment tasks are in reading (comprehension), writing, numeracy (no calculator), and general ability.

For all students undertaking the eligibility tests there is a non-refundable administration fee of $130 payable prior to the test being taken. Parents will receive a detailed report of student performance in each of the four tasks via email.

3. Assessment of eligibility test results and academic information

The school selection panel assesses the test results together with the supporting academic information. Parents will be contacted by email to notify them of the outcome.

Students who have met the entry benchmarks are invited, along with their parents, to an interview with the Principal. Where students have not met entry benchmarks parents are advised that the application has been unsuccessful.

4. Interview with the Principal

If the interview indicates the student is suited to the selective school environment they will be placed on the eligibility list. Parents will receive an email with formal notification that the student has been placed on the eligibility list.

Please be aware: a place on the eligibility list is not a guarantee of an offer of enrolment.

Opportunities for Enrolment

In Years 7–10 vacancies are rare and arise only if a student leaves the school.

If a vacancy arises the school selection panel meets to determine the student on the eligibility list to whom an offer of enrolment will be made based on academic merit indicated by the academic information provided and their performance in the eligibility test.

Does the eligibility list roll over to the next year or do we have to apply each year?

The test results remain valid for two years and the applicant will stay on the list for this period, we request that we are kept updated with reports and NAPLAN results.

Where students have been on the Eligibility List for two years they will need to undertake another eligibility test to ensure a valid comparison between candidates can be made by the selection panel. This test will attract a fee of $130 to cover the costs of administration.

Fast Facts

  • There is no local school zone – Smith's Hill High School is fully selective with entry based only on academic merit. 
  • There is no transfer process for students between selective schools.
  • Students who declined an initial offer of enrolment for the Year 7 intake or who were on the Reserve List but did not receive an offer must undertake the same Years 8 – 12 application process as all other applicants.
  • Students on the eligibility list should retain their enrolment in their local or current school as there is no guarantee of a place becoming available or being offered.
  • Enrolment in a public selective school is limited to students who are Australian Citizens or who hold a Permanent Resident Visa. Students who are offered a place at the school must supply documentation which supports their residency status.
  • Students coming into the area from elsewhere in Australia or from overseas can submit an application from their current location but will need to undertake the eligibility tests on site at the school. Parents are advised to investigate enrolment at other local public high schools. 

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