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Parents' & Citizens' Association

Parents' & Citizens' Association 2024

Parents and citizens are invited to join this association which meets on the THIRD Monday of each month at 7:30pm usually held in the staff common room in A Block, and online via zoom. You can request to join these meetings via email:

Attending these meetings will give you the opportunity to meet other parents, staff members and members of the Students Representative Council. The meetings allow you to become familiar with school policy and assist in planning. Reports are given on school activities and speakers are invited to give information on special areas of interest.

Office-Bearers and Representatives

President:                                                      Vida Bayani
Vice Presidents:                                            Nick Fletcher
Secretary:                                                      Adam Bennet
Treasurer:                                                      Manju Bhatta
Assistant Secretary:                                     Nick Fletcher
Publicity Officer: (for newsletter etc.)        Elaine Glover 

Fundraising Sub-committee:                      Aimee Zhang               

School environment team/working bees

Working bees are held regularly at the school on a Saturday morning with the aim of at least one a term. These working bees are well supported with a huge turnout of parents, students and teachers. They are a great way of bringing our very geographically spread out community together and to keep the vast school grounds in check. You will be treated to a wonderful morning tea as a reward for your tireless efforts and will also provide you with the opportunity to meet other families. Please check the upcoming newsletters for further details.