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All My Own Work



What is HSC: All My Own Work?
HSC: All My Own Work is a program designed to help HSC students to follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. This includes understanding, valuing and using ethical practices when locating and using information as part of their HSC studies.
Students who have completed the program will also know about penalties for cheating and how to avoid malpractice when preparing their work for assessment.

The HSC: All My Own Work consists of five modules:
1. Scholarship Principles and Practices
2. Acknowledging Sources
3. Plagiarism
4. Copyright
5. Working with others

The program builds on existing programs in schools and provides flexibility in delivery. It also recognises the rapid growth in information available to students through the internet.

How is HSC: All My Own Work related to HSC eligibility?
All students entered for one or more Preliminary or HSC courses will be required to have satisfactorily completed HSC: All My Own Work or its equivalent. Students entered only for Stage 6 Life Skills courses are exempt from this requirement.


1. Enter the website and work through the five modules.
2. Read information and complete the short quizzes online for each section in each  module.
3. Once this is completed,  students will complete a test either in hard copy or through Moodle.
4. Students MUST attain 80% in the test to have satisfactorily completed the HSC: All My Own Work course

All My Own Work [Powerpoint]