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Library News

library news

The Marvellous Mathematics Reading List

Mathematics is everywhere! We have a new collection of highly regarded books about weird and wonderful aspects of mathematics. From ancient counting methods across cultures to modern-day applications, from the people who solved the big problems to how you can better solve puzzles, this list of books is the solution you need. 

So, whether you're a math enthusiast or a curious novice, these books will help you see the world in a whole new light, with a little help from the magic of numbers. There is currently a display of these books near the Library circulation desk.

In addition to these new mathematics related texts, we have added new books for our chess players including “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess” by Fischer/Margulies/Mosefelder, “Chess Tactics for Champions” by Susan Polgar and Paul Truong, and “Modern Chess Strategy” by Ludek Pachman.