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Information Technology


People will require highly developed levels of computing and technology literacy for their future lives. Students therefore need to be aware of the scope, limitations and implications of information and software technologies. Individual and group tasks, performed over a range of projects, will enable this practical-based course to deliver the relevant knowledge and skills needed by students. Development of technology skills and information about career opportunities within this area are important aspects of the course. 

Effective citizenship and workforce participation requires highly developed computational and technological skills. The IST curriculum informs students of the scope, limitations and implications of information and software technologies in the workplace and in the wider community. Students complete a range of individual and group projects based on practical skills taught and are assessed on knowledge and issues relevant to each content area.

With this in mind, the Information and Software Technology courses at Smith's Hill High School aims to: 

  • Provide students with technological skills to enhance their learning
  • Prepare students for careers in technology



All students in Years 7 and 8 are required to complete four mandatory technology subjects. All mandatory courses involve students completing practical design projects in three areas of study:

  • The Built Environment
  • Products
  • Information and Communication

To complete projects students will use several technologies in specialized rooms such as: food, graphics, media, textiles, timber, electronics, information and metals.


STAGE 5                

Following the mandatory technology courses, students have the opportunity to elect to do further study in Information and Software Technology. Students can select from the following electives:

Get Animated  
Public Image
Software Development
I Robot 




There are two Board of Studies Developed courses that seniors may elect to study in senior school:

  1. Information Process and Technology 2 unit for each of the Preliminary and HSC years.
  2. Software Design and Development 2 unit for each of the Preliminary and HSC years.

Whilst the junior Elective are not a pre-requisite for studying the above course in the Senior school, students do find the experiences and skills gained in these electives is beneficial to Senior work.


Qualifications and Exams

All students are required to undertake an exam in Computing Skills for the RoSA. This exam is based on knowledge and skills taught in the junior mandatory course. This is an on line test. Students studying junior elective courses are eligible for a RoSA qualification in Information and Software Technology provided sufficient hours of study are completed. 

Students who successfully complete the requirements of the senior course are entitled to a Higher School Certificate qualification in these subjects.